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March 28, 2022

Broadband Forum Releases Phase 2 5G Convergence Standards

The Broadband Forum (BBF) has completed phase 2 of its work on 5G, which is aimed at providing a seamless converged experience between wireless and wired networks.

The BBF is working to help network operators transition from legacy to 5G networks. Phase 2 specifications are aimed at expanding deployment options, providing added functionality, and driving 5G system value.

Broadband Forum 5G Convergence Standards

Phase 2 work resulted in three standards that are aimed at building on the foundations of the first phase:

  • TR-456 Issue 2: “Access Gateway Function Functional Requirements” focuses on ensuring operators have the capacity to multiplex multiple sessions between the 5G-residential gateway and access gateway function on top of the customer VLAN.
  • TR-470 Issue 2: “5G Wireless Wireline Convergence Architecture” addresses hybrid-access with the functionality of ATSSS (access traffic steering, switching, splitting) that supports multiple traffic distribution mechanisms and policies
  • TR-124 Issue 7: “Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices” adds multi-access support and specifies requirements for the residential gateways connected to the 5G System which allow operators to maximize throughput, redundancy, and reliability.

“The Phase 2 work has delivered multi-session and enhanced authentication support for legacy Residential Gateways that do not have any 5G capability,” Rosaria Persico, Principal Broadband Forum Delegate, TIM, said in a press release. “Multi-session will enable the same user to connect to multiple service networks, while previously the user was limited to a single data network. This additional improvement can be considered a foretaste of what will be possible with 5G-Residential Gateways. Operators are able to leverage innovation and common procedures specified by Broadband Forum that results in enhanced customer experience across available access network assets, and this specification development will ensure a smooth evolution path to a standardized 5G hybrid model.”

Phase 1, which the BBF says underpins all its subsequent on creating “a true convergence,” was released in 2020.

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