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Get Subscribers
A seamless experience for new subscribers and CSRs


A custom portal for new subscribers to discover that they are within your service area, select the select services that suit them and submit installation requests.


Customer Service

With a single pane of glass view, your Customer Service Reps can verify that the subscriber’s location is serviceable, sees a list of service options and signs the customer up.


Field Service Management

Dispatchers can assign work orders to available field service teams or
contractors; ensuring that installation is scheduled for the day your new subscriber requested.


Mobile Field Service

When work is complete, Field Service Techs uses an app to update the Work Order and initiate Service Activation.


Automated Provisioning

Zero-touch provisioning for FTTx, Voice, Video and network technologies across devices from hundreds of manufacturers.



Seamless integration with Billing Systems, Service Activation and Customer Billing are kept in lockstep.


Device Management

Your NOC monitors the entire network for trends, faults, and outages. Map-based analytics provide visibility into the network and receive alerts when any hardware has issues, enabling proactive support such as planned outages.


“ETI is so flexible that it future-proofed our service activations and evolved with us. We were able to build and implement just what we needed the initial first few years and then when we were doubling our customer base every year, ETI’s software was able to grow and develop with us … and still has to this day!”

Christy Batts
Broadband Division Director at CDE Lightband

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