Telling The Broadband Stories Of 2022

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Telling the Broadband Stories of 2022

Join our annual ETI Customer Event as we share our stories of broadband innovation! You'll hear from ETI customers, partners and product experts as we present use cases that illustrate our commitment to simplify network operations, reduce costs and keep your subscribers happy. Get a sneak peek by exploring the videos below and click to register now.

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Solving the Swivel Chair Problem

Broadband providers today operate multiple systems that do not integrate, creating “swivel chair” redundancies and inefficiencies. ETI Product Manager Greg Aston demonstrates how the Microsoft Dynamics/ETI single platform can marry subscriber data with device management and provisioning to create a unified approach.


ETI Teams up with Positron for Provisioning

Learn how ETI’s Triad and the Positron access controller work together to offer service lifecycle management of, providing up to 1 GB capability for older buildings with legacy wiring, such as
COAX and twisted pair.


Talking Tivo

ETI”s Greg Gross explains how ETI can help customers with a TiVo integration or with replacing MobiTV.


Geospatial Broadband Management and Network Device Monitoring

Map-based data is no longer locked in engineering. Learn how combining location and network device data can benefit multiple stakeholders and streamline your operations.


How Unified Device Management Can Reduce OpEx

Real-time remote management of CPEs automates the deployment and support of data, voice and video services across the service life cycle. See it in action.


ETI’s Newest Controller Interfaces Available Now

ETI’s latest integrations to leading telecommunication industry vendors include Adtran, Calix, Nokia, Positron, Plume, Evolutions Digital, Minerva 10, TiVo, and Verimatrix. All built on open APIs to increase speed to market and decrease deployment costs.

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