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How to segment and target with good data

The following transcript has been edited for length and readability. Listen to the entire discussion here on The Broadband Bunch. The Broadband Bunch is sponsored by ETI Software. Pete Pizzutillo: Hello, welcome to another episode of the Broadband Bunch. My name is Pete Pizzutillo, and I am joined by Natalie Straight. She’s the director of […]

Uplifting innovation and problem solving at community level

The following transcript has been edited for length and readability. Listen to the entire discussion here on The Broadband Bunch. The Broadband Bunch is sponsored by ETI Software. Joe Coldebella: Hello. And welcome to another episode of The Broadband Bunch. I’m Joe Coldebella, and we are at the SCTE Cable-Tech Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joining […]

“Future of Work” Trends Will Impact All Areas of a Telco

By Charlotte Patrick What is the “Future of Work”? The Future of Work is a complex mix of external and internal drivers which will exert pressure on the telco to change – both immediately and into the long-term.  The term means different things to different parties within the ecosystem of thinkers, consultants and commentators on […]

Internet Satisfaction Report: 60% Very Satisfied with Their Service

The latest internet satisfaction report reveals sixty percent are satisfied and seven percent are not with their internet service

Pandemic-Driven Broadband Surge Appears to Be Ending!

Looks like the broadband additions returned to pre-pandemic levels in the third quarter of 2021!

Consumer and Commercial Interest in VR is Rising

Spending on augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets, smart home devices and wearables is expected to reach $372.1 billion by the end of this calendar year.

Fiber Broadband is King in Speed Test

Data generated by HighSpeedInternet’s speed test tool has determined that Google Fiber – with an average download speed of 160.5 Mbps – is the fastest in the United States.

78 Percent of Households Use SVOD

More than three quarters (78%) of U.S. households subscribe to one or more of the top three subscription video on demand (SVOD) services – Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Subscription Video Gaming on The Rise

Just over one third (36%) of US broadband households subscribe to or are in trials with a video gaming service, according to a new report from Parks Associates.

Broadband is Surging and 5G Fixed Wireless is a Rising Star

The worldwide residential broadband market grew 4.4% to 1.1 billion subscriptions last year compared to 2019, according to ABI Research. 5G Fixed Wireless growth is estimated at 71 percent.

Broadband Marketing that Helps Tier One and Tier Two providers take on the big guys

This episode decodes the three ways DxTEL is helping local community-based fiber providers compete against national providers.

HomeGrid Forum Outlines the Case for G.hn

Technology vendors and service providers must work together to provide the market with interoperable standards-based networking solutions that leverage existing wired infrastructure, said HomeGrid Forum President Livia Rosu.

Secure Messaging and Financial Apps Gaining Popularity

People in some countries are spending more than five hours a day with apps, according to a new app usage report from App Annie.

Study Says Mobile Devices Are Cybersecurity Threat

Many businesses sent workers home to work remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that also left many of them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, according to a new report from Verizon Business.

Study: Remote Work Likely to Continue Post COVID

A new remote work study from Ring Central finds that the hybrid work model that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) adopted due to the pandemic is likely to continue.

Support for Telehealth Soars

ATLANTA, GA – March 9, 2021: The first survey of economic development professionals to highlight the impact COVID-19 has had on the determinants of local economic development also assesses telehealth’s impact on local economies, addresses the state of community broadband, and foresees how broadband and digital technologies can move communities past the effects of the […]

FCC To Tackle Broadband Data and Maps

A new broadband data task force is being tasked with implementing improvements to the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband data and mapping tools, the FCC announced last week.

Ericsson Predicts Workplace of the Future

Ericsson predicts that by 2030 almost 60% of white-collar work will happen outside the company premises.

What You Should Know about Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

What is NFV? ETI Software’s VP of Engineering, David Tidd, discusses the benefits of Network Function Virtualization and how ETI is working with providers to implement it.

Report: Average U.S. Internet Speed is 42.86 Mbps

A blog about the implications of the CBRS spectrum allocation and how WISPs can manage SAS info and SINR.

Hindsight is 2020: Broadband Bunch Highlights

The Broadband Bunch 2020 Year in Review features hosts Craig Corbin, Pete Pizzutillo and Brad Hine discussing notable interviews over this remarkable year.

Wi-Fi Roaming Survey Finds Support for WBA Standard

Seventy-nine percent of service providers, equipment manufacturers and enterprises have or plan to adopt the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s OpenRoaming Wi-Fi standard, according to a Wi-Fi roaming survey from WBA.

New Broadband Forum UDP Speed Test Targets FTTP

The Broadband Forum is launching the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Speed Test, an open source project that it says will provide more accurate speed assessments tools

Putting Broadband into a Global Perspective

There will be more than 1.4 billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide by the end of 2030, according to a new forecast from Point Topic.

A Potential COVID-19 Silver Lining

Could the COVID-19 telecommuting trend drive a migration to small towns? New research from Recon Analytics suggests the answer could be “yes.”

NTIA Internet Usage Data

Nearly 80% of Americans were using the Internet by November of last year, according to new research from the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA).

Accurate Broadband Mapping Vital to Address the Digital Divide

A podcast discussing the digital divide with Professor Sascha Meinrath, of Penn State, co-founder of Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a global online platform for researchers to deploy internet measurement tools regarding broadband connectivity.

ETI Featured in “Software for the Connected World”

A blog about the implications of the CBRS spectrum allocation and how WISPs can manage SAS info and SINR.

The Impact of Broadband Access on Student School Performance

A blog about the implications of the CBRS spectrum allocation and how WISPs can manage SAS info and SINR.

Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) on COVID, digital ecosystems, and the future of work

In this episode, we speak with Alex Kelley the Center on Rural Innovation’s, Broadband and Future of Work Program Manager. Alex provide insight into how the COVID crisis is affecting CORI’s mission and their municipality partners. He helps us understand some of the best practices he’s seeing in the marketplace,

How States are Expanding Broadband Access; Report from Pew Charitable Trusts

Our podcast on The Pew Charitable Trusts Broadband Research Initiative. They have recently released a report on how states are expanding broadband access..

Fiber Broadband Market Research and Analysis from RVA

In this episode of the Broadband Bunch, we speak with Mike Render, Founder and CEO of RVA LLC Marketing & Consulting.  RVA is known as North America’s premier market research expert tracking fiber broadband deployment and corresponding consumer attitudes. RVA has a long partnership with the Fiber Broadband Association, providing fiber broadband market research, producing […]

Fiber Broadband Association: Education, Research, Advocacy

FIBER BROADBAND ASSOCIATION: EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND ADVOCACY In this episode of The Broadband Bunch, we speak with Fiber Broadband Association President, Lisa Youngers. Lisa shares how the Fiber Broadband Association engages with the FCC, state and federal policymakers as well as communities across the U.S. She introduces a new measure of broadband, The Broadband Experience […]

The Benton Institute: Closing the Digital Divide

In this episode of the Broadband Bunch, recorded in Washington D.C. at the Broadband Communities event focused on High-Speed Broadband: Driving America’s Growth, we speak with Jon Sallet from the Benton Institute for Broadband Society. HOW DID YOU END UP WORKING ON BROADBAND POLICY ISSUES? Jon Sallet: I’ve done telecom issues for a long time. […]

Getting Broadband Mapping Right

Exactly where broadband is available and at what speeds is critically important information. Besides knowing this information so we can more accurately track progress in conquering the digital divide, mapping data also directly impacts how billions of dollars in rural broadband funding is allocated. As the FCC and the USDA plot how best to use […]

Broadband’s 5-Year Outlook

According to a newly published report by Dell’Oro Group global PON equipment market revenue is forecast to reach $7.3 B by 2023, driven by spending on new 10 Gbps EPON and XGS-PON deployments, and on maximizing existing 2.5 Gbps GPON networks. The Broadband Bunch had the opportunity to interview Jeff Heynen about his findings. Listen here or read below.