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February 2, 2021

Report: Average U.S. Internet Speed is 42.86 Mbps

The average U.S. internet speed is 42.86 Mbps, according to a new report from HighSpeedInternet.com, which maintains a database of information about service providers and internet plans.

Although a little less than half (45%) of internet users thought their speed was too slow, less than one-fifth (16%) of internet users have upgraded their service, the report added.

Whitestone, NY, reported the fastest internet speed at 138.4 Mbps, while the municipality with the slowest speed was Stowe, VT, at 7.3 Mbps.

On a statewide basis, those with the fastest speeds were all in the East: Maryland, 84.1 Mbps; Delaware, 80.9 Mbps; New Jersey, 76.3 Mbps; Virginia, 74.5 Mbps; and Rhode Island, 74.5 Mbps. While not a state, Washington, D.C., also clocked in with one of the faster times — 75.2 Mbps.

States with the slowest speeds were mostly western, less densely populated states: Alaska, 20.6 Mbps; Montana, 30.1 Mbps; Maine, 30.8 Mbps; Idaho, 30.9 Mbps; and Wyoming, 33.3 Mbps.

The discrepancy between slower speeds and faster speeds was closely tied to rural populations vs. urban populations, according to the report. “This is partially because internet infrastructure—especially faster infrastructure like cable and fiber—is expensive, and internet service providers (ISPs) are more likely to invest in communities with a lot of potential customers (usually urban areas).”

That leaves many areas in the U.S .with outdated broadband network technologies—such as legacy DSL, that often doesn’t meet the 25 Mbps minimum for what the FCC defines as the high-speed floor.

Those with slower speeds also tended to pay more per Mbps than those in the states with the faster speeds, the report found. Wyoming pays the most for internet, with a rate of $7.84 per Mbps, while Rhode Island pays the least, with a rate of 63 cents per Mbps. The country’s average price is $3.91 per Mbps, the report said.

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