Sabrina Porter
Business Development, ETI Software

What We Deliver

Turn Pain points into opportunities

ETI provides solutions to bullet-proof service assurance, network operations and device management for providers in any phase of deployment.

BFor 25 years, ETI Software has been on the cutting edge of the telecommunications industry. The rapid-fire pace of change continues to this day. Today, everything is on demand. Consumers want speed and content and they want it now. Every household has multiple mobile devices and not only are they connecting to each other, they are also being connected to household items: refrigerator, washing machine, lights, sprinklers, TV, thermostats.

None of this is possible without broadband. And the providers are trying to keep up with demand and find ways to deal with disruptive competition, expand their own network, reduce churn, grow revenue, enhance customer experience and drive business efficiencies.

The future is already here. And ETI is driving innovation by developing solutions that address the main concerns of service providers.

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Churn Reduction

Tired of losing customers?

We get it. The key is to empower your customer service representatives to access work-force management, outage management, installation and trouble ticket information from one main platform, easily arming your front line problem-solvers with vital information.


Monetization Strategy

Looking for new revenue streams?

We get it. You have invested in infrastructure and now you want results. Your most valuable asset is your network but how can you optimize it to enhance your bottom line?


Network Simplification

Is your technology overwhelming?

We get it. You have multiple systems that do not talk to each other after years of adding new technologies and services. Manual provisioning combined with human error leaves customers frustrated and you losing days of billable service.


Digital Transformation

Are you ready for the digital era?

We get it. Customers are hungry for faster, more powerful bandwidth across multiple connected devices – even cities are becoming smarter. You need to keep up with demand, utilize new technologies and upgrade to all IP services to remind competitive.


Network Expansion

Is your network giving you headaches?

We Get it. Each stage of a fiber build is fraught with challenges. Whether you are a greenfield, operational or mature network, there are inherent issues with fiber management and expansion, activation and billing, work orders, service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Company Merger

Trying to make sense of your data?

We get it. Knowing how to harness your data to make actionable decisions is what will set you apart from the competition and positively affect your sales and marketing efforts, your operations and your bottom line.



Embracing Growth

The Story of Wilson, NC and ETI Software

Learn how the City of Wilson’s Greenlight Communications used ETI’s Vision360 solution to help plan, operate and grow its network and revenue stream in the most efficient, customer-centric manner possible.ible.


Vision360 has guided our network expansion, increased efficiency across all business units, and improved customer service and satisfaction.

Will Aycock

General Manager, Greenlight Community Broadband