"Disparate systems and hybrid networks are a natural outcome of rapid growth. Creating order from chaos is one of ETI’s strengths."

Kirk Hoyer
Chief Architect, ETI Software

Network Simplification

Avoid Technology Chaos

Solutions that Take the Fear Out of Conversions

With each new technology and vendor that gets plugged into network comes another set of exceptional processes that need to be handled. If left unchecked, all these one-offs can lead to anarchy with the technology driving and shaping the business  … rather than the business driving the configuration and management of the technology. ETI puts your business in control and keeps it there.

How? By analyzing needs and then simplifying processes by eliminating duplicate workflows and automating them to ensure accuracy and faster turn-up. Because ETI is pre-integrated to over 70 different voice, video and data technologies, it can take disparate systems and pull them together into a cohesive and effective platform.

Want to know the secret

to solving provider pain


How we Can Help with Technology Chaos

Fill the Gaps

One of our core strengths is discovering and deploying the missing piece of the puzzle

Inventory Control

ETI inventories and tracks all CPE assets, automatically issuing provisioning transactions to the conditional access system to ensure that all devices are controlled in all stages.


ETI’s business-level API makes it possible to add new technologies without disruption of services


Grow efficiencies and save OpEx by simplifying complex processes and workflows

Modules That help with Technology Chaos

Automated Provisioning

Next Gen Service Fulfillment and Subscriber Management

Automated activation with 70+ pre-integrated technologies that can be turned up quickly without customer disruption.


Integrated Billing

BSS Customer Care

Comprehensive billing and provisioning to support delivery of high-speed broadband, voice and video



Complex Conversions Simplified

Large-scale conversions on time and under budget

Today, ETI Software supports 2.2 million Frontier Communications broadband subscribers across the nation. And it all began in 2010 with Frontier Communications’ acquisition of 200,000 Verizon Telecom customers. Providers of all sizes who need to improve the integration and management of complex broadband business operations and technology can gain valuable insight from this case study.