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ETI’s OSS (Operations Support Systems) tools help companies to be effective, innovative, and efficient at every level. From helping to ensure that customers are satisfied with services to onboarding new communities and services, telecom companies use OSS to meet technological changes and customer expectations.

Too often, telecommunications companies have stitched together platforms that have been created in silos – creating a system that is not effective and can gridlock development. Frustrating employees and customers, a disconnect can quickly emerge between expectations and what exists. Therefore, legacy software needs to be overhauled and replaced with OSS tools. ETI’s solutions take those silos and integrate everything onto a single platform, streamlining operations and providing better service.

Our Operations Support Systems tools provide rapid integration with upper-level billing, order entry, and CRM systems that lead the industry. For more information on how our OSS tools for telecom companies can streamline service, reduce churn, and cut costs, read on.

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