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Insights about women in tech, mentoring, and digital inclusion

Joe Coldebella: Hello and welcome to another episode of The Broadband Bunch. I’m Joe Coldebella and we are at SCTE Cable Tech Expo 2022 in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joining me today is Zenita Henderson, the CMO of Segra. Zenita, welcome to the Broadband Bunch. Zenita Henderson: Thank you. Thank you for […]

5 Facts You Should Know Before Launching New Services

Every service providers faces the challenge of integrating different platforms smoothly and without breaking the bank. ETI’s Vice President of…

5 Simple Proactive Strategies that Help Telcos Reduce Capex and Opex

Telecom service providers looking to reduce Capex and Opex need to follow the old football adage:  “the best offense is…