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Broadband Workforce Development: Is Investing in Employee Training The Key?

Steve Harris of SCTE makes us understand how broadband workforce management and training can help handle the rapid broadband growth.

Top-Rated Telecom Billing Tools

If you are looking for the top-rated telecom billing tools, something that will help you meet the needs of your customers while still reaching your income goals, then ETI Software has developed the product that you need. The best tools don’t just facilitate the billing process, they help to provide insights, monitor payments, and even [...]

Top-Rated Telecom Billing System

The simple truth is that the best telecom billing system needs to do more than just billing. That isn’t enough. ETI offers a telecommunications billing system that encapsulates all subscriber services, including billing, order entry and rating, work order management, device inventories – the tasks that make up the core of the front office - [...]

Telecommunication Tools For Better Customer Experience

ETI’s Telecommunications tools take some of the responsibility and power from the company and puts it back on the customers through self-service customer portals. Customers can  find the solutions for their problems, check out their billing, and even gain insight into what could be causing issues. They have the opportunity to be self-sufficient and use [...]

Broadband Workforce Challenges and Opportunities

Camilla Formica, CRO of NCTI shared her views and explained the importance of training the next generation of telecommunications workers

Fiber Broadband Infrastructure Construction with a Platform that Digitizes Workflows End-to-End

Our guest on today’s podcast is Bryan McIver, the CEO of Vitruvi which provides Infrastructure Construction Management Software. Bryan talks with us about how he got his start in “horizontal” construction and the challenges that led him to develop Vitruvi’s platform. He tells us how the platform brings fiber broadband infrastructure construction project teams, processes and real-time data together – for efficiency and control.

Working From Home is Improving Focus, Study Says

A blog about the implications of the CBRS spectrum allocation and how WISPs can manage SAS info and SINR.

A Closer Look at Spectrum Allocation for CBRS: Moving Forward

CBRS Spectrum Auction winners must now evaluate the best methods to move forward. While the new CBRS rules may seem daunting at first, they are just like any new project.  Initially, identify your existing network. 

USDA Community Connect Applications Due by Dec. 23

Applicants for U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service Community Connect program have until Dec. 23, 2020 to apply for grants for the 2021 fiscal year. The

A Closer Look at Spectrum Allocation for CBRS

A blog about the implications of the CBRS spectrum allocation and how WISPs can manage SAS info and SINR.

ETI Software – Committed to Customer Support & Quality Assurance

Branch Manager of ETI Software Solutions’ Bulgarian division, Chavi Bonchev joins the podcast and explains how ETI, a telecom software vendor based in Norcross, Georgia gained a division based in Kardzhali, Bulgaria.