Reporting Tools

ACS Reporting Tools - Device Management Warning System

Device Management Reporting Tools

Key metrics of your ETI ACS system are at your fingertips

System administrators can easily assess the health of your devices at a glance through the reporting tools. A simple traffic light warning system alerts you to:

  • Configuration problems
  • License utilization
  • CPU and disk usage
  • Network utilization


The reporting server is available as an add-on to the standard installation. In order to protect the production database against heavy reporting queries, a replica database is provided which is routinely synchronized with the live data. The reporting server includes a number of standard reports which include:

  • Devices by type
  • Devices by firmware version
  • Devices by last contact date
  • Devices with red flags


Additionally, graphical reports are available including an overview of informs by hour, which is useful for monitoring system loading. Third party reporting tools may also be added if necessary.

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