Hindsight is 2020: Broadband Bunch Highlights

Craig Corbin, Brad Hine & Pete Pizzutillo, Hosts of the Broadband Bunch

January 4, 2021

The Broadband Bunch 2020 Year in Review features hosts Craig Corbin, Pete Pizzutillo and Brad Hine discussing notable interviews over this remarkable year.


5G Transformation in Scotland

Paul Coffey, CEO, The Scotland 5G Centre

December 29, 2020

The Scotland 5G Centre was established with a mission to enhance opportunities going forward with 5G. Our guest today is the CEO of The Scotland 5G Centre, Paul Coffey.


“You can’t have telehealth without broadband.”

Craig Settles, at Industry Analyst, Author, and Host of the Gigabit Nation Radio

December 17, 2020

A long-time and well-known veteran of the communications world who provides broadband and telehealth strategy consulting, helping communities improve economic development, healthcare delivery, education, and local government operations, today’s guest is industry analyst, presenter, author, and host of the Gigabit Nation radio show, Craig Settles.


AT&T – A Connectivity Company at its Core

Cheryl Choy, Senior Vice President for Broadband Product Management & Marketing, AT&T

Our podcast guest today has spent more than two decades in technology development, and has been part of the design and initial service launch of every major technology upgrade for AT&T going back to GSM Edge and LTE. It is a pleasure to welcome the Senior Vice President for Broadband Product Management and Strategy at AT&T, Cheryl Choy.


2020 Virtual Fiber Connect Preview

J.J. Jones, Executive VP, On Trac Inc

December 11, 2020

Our guest today has participated in Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) activities for the past 13 years in a number of capacities and has served as Conference Committee Chair since 2016. A 24 year veteran of the telecommunications industry and Executive Vice President with On Trac Inc. It is a pleasure to welcome Mr. Joseph (J.J.) Jones.


Transforming the Customer Experience for Telcos

Rick Lievano, Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy at Microsoft

December 8, 2020

Today’s podcast features Rick Lievano, who serves as the Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy for the Microsoft telecommunications industry. RIck works to develop solutions and reference architectures to address the rapidly changing needs of telecommunications providers.


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