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Service Assurance is Key to Electric Co-Op Broadband Model

The business case for broadband network investment by Electric Cooperatives requires a different analysis, broader and sometimes more complicated, than that for other, more traditional, broadband service providers.

On its face, it sounds similar: a combination of better operational efficiency, and reduced costs as well as new services revenues, economic development returns, and community benefit.  However, an EMC network must also satisfy requirements for internal grid management, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), growing real time data from IoT as well as potential commercial backbone services for local enterprises, public sector (smart city), and end user access for consumer and enterprise data needs.

Emerging network technologies SDN, NFV, CBRS, NB, mmW, & LTE offer lower total operating costs and future compatibility.  IoT, machine learning, and augmented intelligence currently driving 5G deployment and network convergence will create new use cases with new market opportunities.  New services, many more connected devices, new pricing and revenue models will drive new business models.

Owned by the members they serve, many EMCs have realized that broadband is now an essential public service – just like electricity, water and sewer. This turns the traditional revenue-driven approach of broadband service on its head and it becomes a service-oriented operation instead. This puts the focus on service quality and assurance for their communities.

ETI Software’s Service Management Platform (SMP) is a comprehensive yet modular solution that unifies and manages subscribers, services and devices. With SMP, EMC broadband providers can proactively manage the subscriber journey to keep their customers satisfied – customers that are their friends and neighbors.

Modules include:

End-to-end Billing and Subscriber Management
Automated Provisioning
Field Service Management
Device and Network Monitoring
Business Analytics

Discover real-time monitoring and service assurance software that will help EMCs protect and grow their member-owned service by reducing inefficiencies and cost, improving subscriber experiences, and enabling next-generation services. Contact ETI Software today!

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