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March 15, 2021

Wi-Fi Alliance Enhances Wi-Fi Certified Optimized Connectivity

The Wi-Fi Alliance has added features to Wi-Fi Certified Optimized Connectivity, a certification program that helps ensure users’ ability to discover Wi-Fi networks and select access points. It also reduces airtime overhead for faster authorization.

Wi-Fi Certified Optimized Connectivity is a component of Wi-Fi Certified Vantage, which aims to improve managed Wi-Fi network performance and enable Wi-Fi to fit into the bigger mobile landscape seamlessly. The goal is to create consistent connections when users roam within and across WiFi networks and between WiFi and cellular networks.

The expanded program offers new metrics to improve AP and network selection and provides consistent discovery mechanisms for the 2 GHz, 4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands. The enhancements address new use cases and performance expectations and also help optimize the connectivity experience for a variety of real-time and interactive applications. In addition, they facilitate seamless service continuity involving network transition to and from cellular, according to the WFA.

Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity enables APs and user devices to communicate. This enables four basic advantages, according to WFA: optimization of network discovery and selection; improved AP selection; rapid authorization and efficient transmission.

The ability of WiFi networks operating in different bands to work together efficiently and for all bands to work efficiently with cellular networks is vital.

“Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity enables users to experience quality connections throughout their entire roaming experience and ensures users are always best connected,” Kevin Robinson, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for the WFA, said in a press release. “Wi-Fi users expect greater mobility with their devices and this core program brings a more seamless connectivity experience across networks, while opening new opportunities for service providers to increase network coverage while providing high-level service.”

The WFA said it has completed more than 65,000 WiFi certifications since 2000.