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November 7, 2017

Newport Utilites Partners with ETI and MUS to Offer Fiber

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 7, 2017:  ETI Software Solutions is proud to announce that Tennessee’s Newport Utilities has selected ETI’s to support their greenfield FTTH network. “We are deeply committed to delivering high quality services to our customers, that’s why we selected ETI Software,” said John Knight, Technology Manager, Newport Utilities. “ETI’s proven solution and outstanding reputation in the utility/muni FTTH market made them the right choice for us,” he continued. “ETI’s software is specifically designed for utilities like us who want to leverage their existing billing and accounting capabilities to support FTTH services.”

In an emerging trend, Newport has partnered with neighboring Morristown Utility Systems who will share their IPTV and softswitch technologies, drastically reducing Newport’s CapEx and speeding their go-to-market time. In addition to billing triple-play services, ETI’s solution will also provision Morristown’s technologies, activating video and voice services for Newport subscribers.

As ETI customers themselves, Morristown can rest assured this shared solution will be successful. “ETI has been a true partner of ours for over 12 years, and the quality of their software and service is unsurpassed; ETI has been integral to our business operations and thereby our success,” said George Benjamin, Telecom Operations Manager of Morristown Utility Systems.

Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software, added, “This is a great example of how the broadband service delivery business model is evolving. As more utilities work together to offer fiber services, ETI will be able to support them every step of the way.”

The ETI solution is also integrated to Newport’s fiber access technology. “This is an enormous benefit to Newport because it completely eliminates the complicated process of activating in-house fiber equipment as it gets connected in the field,” said Chris Beisner, ETI’s Vice President, Product Management. “This drastically cuts down on installation time so Newport can quickly ramp-up new subscriber installs.”

ETI’s FMS solution has already been deployed at Newport to engineer and design the build-out of their fiber network. This module is part of the fully integrated software solution and is a collaboration with ETI’s long-time technology partner, Geographic Technologies Group. It features state-of-the-art mapping capabilities built on industry leader Esri’s ArcGIS platform.


About Newport Utilities: Newport Utilities (NU) is a utility located in East Tennessee that provides electric, water, and wastewater services to citizens and businesses of Cocke County, Tennessee and surrounding areas. NU is a TVA power distributor that delivers electricity to approximately 21,500 customers in its 600 square mile service area. NU supplies quality water to more than 11,500 customers with over 4 million gallons of average flow each day. NU is proud to have received a score of 100% on the recent water system sanitary survey conducted by TDEC. NU also serves wastewater services to approximately 4,450 customers using the most modern treatment techniques. The Wastewater Treatment Plant can process more than 4 million gallons per day, and is proud to be a recipient of the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Federation Wastewater Operational Excellence Award conferred in recognition of outstanding dedication to quality. NU has embarked on a FTTH deployment project and will soon offer the triple-play of fiber broadband services—internet access, video, and voice—to its electric customers. For more information, visit www.newportutilities.com.

About Morristown Utility Systems: Morristown Utility Systems (MUS) is a utility located in East Tennessee that provides electric, telecom, water, and wastewater services to citizens and businesses in the City of Morristown, Tennessee. Morristown is a regional job hub with a heavy industrial concentration.  MUS is a TVA power distributor that delivers electricity to approximately 14,9000 customers in its 21 square mile service area. MUS supplies quality water to more than 12,600 customers plus three utility districts with over 10 million gallons of average flow each day. MUS is one of few cities nationwide with granular activated carbon filtration. MUS also serves wastewater services to 10,600 customers using two treatment plants and can process more than 4 million gallons per day. MUS entered telecommunications in 2006 building a FTTH system to offer high speed broadband services including triple-play – Internet access, video, and voice—to all its electric customers. With over 6250 customers at 49% take rate, this technology has transformed Morristown to a next century Gig-enabled community.  For more information, visit  www.morristownutilities.org.

About ETI Software Solutions: A global leader in communications technology and services for 25 years, ETI Software Solutions delivers the tools Telecom, Broadband, Video, Utility, OTT and IoT providers need to manage complex systems more efficiently, reduce operating costs and ensure optimal quality of service. For more information, visit www.etisoftware.com or email media@etisoftware.com.