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August 29, 2019

Laying the Foundation for Smart Cities

The era of smart cities is upon us and it promises to change our everyday way of life. Smart cities leverage emerging technologies and data, also called the internet of things (IoT), to optimize the delivery of services to constituents, creating an ecosystem that contributes to improving city services, education, healthcare, economic empowerment, public safety, and an overall improved quality of life. It’s no small undertaking.

Cities, large and small, are embracing the concept of smart cities to increase efficiencies and create a thriving living environment that satisfies citizens and businesses and also attracts outsiders to move in. Indeed, smart cities are becoming an important “amenity” to retain and attract citizens and economic development. Some applications of the smart city include using sensors to improve traffic flow; smart grids that create more efficient power distribution; integrated emergency notification and alert systems for improved public safety; and monitored fleet management of vehicles that saves fuel and maintenance costs. These are but a few of the applications that smart cities will bring.

Smart cities also provide a significant business opportunity for service providers. A report from ABI Research says service providers can use their strength and expertise to gain significant indirect and direct revenues from the smart city between now and 2023. ABI expects a $7.6 billion network vendor and wireless carrier smart city opportunity in this timeframe.

While much of the attention of smart cities focuses on large urban cities, the opportunity also extends to the smallest town. NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association introduced the Smart Rural Community program several years ago. The program recognizes service providers who have built a network that can enable smart rural communities. NTCA defines that as a robust fiber network that can jumpstart economic growth and improve access to first-rate education, healthcare, and government services. Currently NTCA recognizes 24 service providers, who have enabled over 24 smart rural towns all across the country.

The foundation of any smart community starts with a robust broadband network. Thousands, or even millions of devices and sensors connected to that underlying network enables the ecosystem of a smart city. Managing that network efficiently is critical. ETI is uniquely positioned to partner with telecom service providers and municipalities on their IoT and smart city journey. We have over 25 years of experience in device management and integration to develop the ultimate IoT solution: ETI IoT — to connect, collect and analyze data. We look forward to hearing more about your IoT and smart city needs.

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