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May 24, 2022

How ETI Can Accelerate Calix Systems Deployment

Calix has partnered with ETI to help our joint customers turn up Calix equipment more rapidly using fewer people and, in less time, resulting in faster ROI, increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.  ETI’s Triad is a highly adaptable Operation Support System (OSS) platform that helps to reduce operating expense through automated fulfillment and service activation on all broadband networks.

With the most extensive arrays of out-of-the-box integrations, we are democratizing network device integration to help you rapidly stand-up new hardware and deploy new services to your subscribers. Click here for a complete list of our integration partners.

Calix Integration Supported by ETI

ETI’s Calix integration fully automates flow-through service activation and fulfillment for DSL, Active Ethernet and GPON.  Current integrations are available for:

  • SMx for AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System
  • CMS for AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System fiber and DSL
  • CMS for C7 fiber and DSL
  • CMS for AXOS E5 Business Solutions E5 and E3 DSL
  • Legacy Calix Integrations: Calix B-series for fiber, Active E and DSL and Calix F-series for fiber

The advantages of automating service fulfillment are many.  However, the two main business drivers for automation are:

  • Speed to Market: ETI Accelerates the on-boarding and deployment of new Calix network and CPE devices.
  • Reduce Integration Friction: ETI greatly improves speed-to-market and keeps the impact of the new solution on at a minimum on operations.
  • Calix clients can quickly adopt new technologies, standards or architectures (SDN and NFV), within their legacy technology domains.
  • ETI’s agnostic approach to integration supports your entire service delivery stack through a single, inbound interface from billing. Service routers, voice switches, and video control platforms.
  • Zero Touch: Subscribers expect self-service / self-support; Service Providers seek to eliminate human interaction and achieve “Zero Touch”
  • Decrease the operational expense associated with service fulfillment
  • Increase revenue by ensuring that the service fulfillment as executed on a Calix network is in lockstep with billing.
  • Enhances Calix Support Cloud: ETI enable real time data visualization, seamless provisioning, and network monitoring with Calix CSC. Automate the initial push of data into CSC and the ongoing sync throughout the lifecycle of the end user (‘customer’)

Many service providers struggle with the demands and challenges of manual fulfillment processes: extended mean time between ordering and fulfillment, discrepancies between billing and provisioning, no deactivation for non-pay accounts, etc. With Triad OSS, most of these problems either go away or reduced. Moreover, it eases the future introduction of other Calix products at any time.

Next-Generation Operation Support System (OSS): Intelligent Integration

ETI’s OSS platform shifts away from static peer-to-peer integrations that are rigid, complex and hard to maintain. Instead, we use an intelligent API-integration approach that auto-discovers entities and assets resulting in faster, robust, and self-healing integrations. This integration strategy increases agility, speed, and productivity – reducing maintenance cost and time to market.

  • Unified platform for provisioning broadband access networks
  • Automate orchestration to prevent service fall-out
  • Intelligent API integration into any Operation Support System (OSS) or Business Support System (BSS) eco-system
  • Multi-vendor provisioning and service orchestration

To learn more, contact ETI at info@etisoftware.com