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May 29, 2018

ETI Provides Fixed Wireless Management Software Solution

ATLANTA, GA  – As more service providers look at fixed wireless solutions as a way to reduce infrastructure costs, especially in rural markets, the challenge of managing these services on top of existing systems consistently arises. ETI Software Solutions has answered the call by providing a comprehensive, fully integrated solution that includes: fixed wireless plant design and build tools, remote management of fixed wireless customer premise equipment (CPE), and the ongoing management of customer’s fixed wireless service.

“Our solution is built to integrate seamlessly with any fixed wireless hardware components our customers choose,” said Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software. “We’re providing the software to design the plant, provision the services and maintain the devices straight to the subscriber’s home.”

As part of the fixed wireless solution, ETI offers an integrated Esri-based network design solution, ETI FMS, that tracks and monetizes all OSP infrastructure and assets. Before networks are constructed, ETI FMS provides engineering design and GIS attribution to manage the buildout of the fiber backhaul to tower sites, helps to identify optimal tower site locations for maximum coverage at minimal build costs, and can be used to predict and monitor project costs.

“For fixed wireless, we built on top of ETI’s best-of-breed FTTH service activation capabilities,” said Chris Beisner, Vice President, Product Management, ETI Software. “Given the existing capabilities of our ETI OSS – network inventory, CPE inventory and provisioning –  we added inventory capabilities for the electronics and wireless devices installed at the customer premise along with flow-through service activation of the components that deliver the services.”

Once deployed, monitoring and maintaining fixed wireless CPE is crucial for a service provider looking to provide a reliable and cost effective service. “ETI ACS has been the underpinning of fixed wireless service providers around the globe for a number of years,” said Greg Aston, ETI ACS Product Director.

Building on the TR-069 standard, ETI customers using ETI ACS have been able to provide zero-touch provisioning, remote in-home support and service assurance to their end users regardless of the type of access network: fixed fiber, fixed copper or fixed wireless.

“As the global growth of fixed wireless continues, we will continue to develop capabilities that give service providers a powerful and cost-effective solution,” said Gine.

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