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February 14, 2019

ETI Software Expands Global Reach

ATLANTA, GA  –  ETI Software Solutions is proud to announce a northbound integration between its flagship product, ETI OSS, and Amdocs’s Smart Pack, a telecom industry leading billing application. This integration facilitates zero touch provisioning of end user services ­– voice, video, and data – based solely on the actions taken within Smart Pack.

“We’re excited to be able to include Smart Pack in the list of billing platforms integrated to ETI OSS,” said Frank Gine, ETI Software CEO. “Amdocs is known world wide for providing outstanding billing applications; Smart Pack is no exception. Armed with this integration, Amdocs is now able to extend its provisioning reach into over 70 broadband technologies supported by ETI’s application ETI OSS.”

“Working with Amdocs was great,” added Chris Beisner, Vice President of Product Management, ETI Software. “Their team quickly came up to speed on ETI’s inbound API and nailed it on their first pass. This is a credit both to the engineers at Amdocs responsible for the integration as well as ETI’s API,” said Beisner.

The Smart Pack – ETI OSS integration is now operational at Hotwire Communications, a mutual ETI and Amdocs customer. The scope of this customer installation includes support for video (IPTV), data and voice, the provisioning of which includes support for two fiber-to-the-home (“FTTH”) vendor platforms: Nokia and ZTE.

For more information about ETI Software Solutions, visit www.etisoftware.com or email media@etisoftware.com