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Future of Work Study: Hybrid Home/Office the Norm in 2024

A latest survey by AT&T and the Dubber Corp reveals that hybrid work from home and office will be the default arrangement in 2024

Study: Remote Work Likely to Continue Post COVID

A new remote work study from Ring Central finds that the hybrid work model that small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) adopted due to the pandemic is likely to continue.

BBC Summit 2020 – Fiber: Building a Gigabit World

On this edition of The Broadband Bunch, we talk the pivot to virtual events due to COVID-19. The Broadband Communities Summit, held next week, will be one of those events. Joining me today to talk about the BBC Summit 2020, the CEO of Broadband Communities, Barbara DeGarmo, along with Vice-President, Publisher and Conference Director for Broadband Communities, Nancy McCain.

Removing Policy Barriers to Fiber Funding and Deployment

This podcast features Tom Cohen, a partner in the law firm of Kelley Drye, who has 40 years of experience in the communications and telecommunications industry sector. Cohen discusses the latest regulartory policies and the role the Fiber Broadband Association plays in Washington.

Demonstrating the Strength of the Smart Home

The latest news in the evolving smart home market is a partnership between Google and ADT.

Getting to the Root of Customer Experience

Getting to the root of customer experience (CX) and succeeding has led to a renewed focus on customer service. And good customer service is no longer enough. What’s required is delivering a consistent and meaningful experience across their entire organization.

Rural Broadband Funding is Out There!

Broadband is now critical infrastructure necessary for the long-term viability of communities, regardless of their size or location. But it isn’t cheap. Indeed, it’s quite expensive to build and operate. And the smaller the community, in terms of population and people per square mile, the more difficult it is to build a sustainable business case, absent some support.

Do Generational Differences Matter?

As ETI looks back at the Independent Show last week, we were stroke by keynote speaker Jason Dorsey’s analysis of generational differences and how they apply to our industry.


5 Facts You Should Know Before Launching New Services

Every service providers faces the challenge of integrating different platforms smoothly and without breaking the bank. ETI’s Vice President of…

5 Simple Proactive Strategies that Help Telcos Reduce Capex and Opex

Telecom service providers looking to reduce Capex and Opex need to follow the old football adage:  “the best offense is…