OTT Authentication: Supporting TV Everywhere and OTT Streaming Video

Set your subscribers free! TV today is no longer tied to the set-top box.

Consumers want the freedom of watching their favorite programs on a variety of screens: laptops, tablets, mobile devices. In addition, consumers want content to be easy to access and available 24 hours a day.

With consistent TV-viewing experiences across managed and unmanaged devices becoming a competitive necessity, service providers face a two-fold challenge:

  • How can we ensure that only authorized subscribers can access content?
  • How can we deliver multi-screen services without costly integration expenses?

The solution is Vision360 OTT solution, the only real-time subscriber authentication platform that can support live video streaming directly through the content provider as well as support integrated device registration and management of TV Everywhere solutions.

The ETI Advantage

Vision360 OTT protect valuable assets with real-time activation and deactivation and at the same time, minimizes costs with seamless integration to legacy back-office systems and subscriber portals. Build subscriber loyalty by providing a better user experience across multiple devices with Vision360 OTT.


TV Everywhere Functions

ETI supports TV Anywhere platforms by providing B/OSS integration, service management, customer-owned device registration, administration and provisioning of streaming video services originating from a service provider.

Not only can subscribers watch TV from multiple screens, they have the power to control settings on each device. This service –parental control made easy – can be leveraged to generate revenue. Registration is linked to the subscriber’s account and can be configured based on account settings. Monetization opportunities can be based on device quantities as well as viewing package.


  • Authenticate Users
  • Set Limit of Devices Per Account
  • Set Limit of Simultaneous Device Usage to Manage Bandwidth
  • Assign Account Administrator
  • Register Device
  • Add/Remove Device
  • Assign the Device Name
  • Set Parental Controls by Device
  • Set PPV/VOD order/ Dollar Limit per Device
  • Set Time Usage Limits Per Device
  • Display Viewing History


OTT Functions

ETI combines a real-time B/OSS integration with third party cloud-based authentication platforms delivering authorized subscribers immediate access to OTT video streamed directly from content providers such as HBO, Turner Networks, Fox, etc. See entire list of content providers.

Subscribers can access the system directly for authentication and new user account creation. Authorization of each subscriber’s pay TV subscription status is handled real-time and validates the subscriber is authorized to view the content that is delivered OTT.


  • Cloud-Based
  • Real-time Authentication
  • Supports Portal, Single Sign On (SSO) or Native architecture
  • Integrates to existing back office systems