See the past, the present and the future in one screen

This real-time analysis tool combines live data and historical items to predict behaviors and provide actionable insight to help make smarter decisions that improve the bottom line

ETI’s most comprehensive solution saves time and money by integrating data in one place. Every network item, every subscriber, every service provided, all work orders, ONT alarms, repeat tickets, demographic data – even weather patterns - is displayed on a smart map that can be easily configured.

Its cross-functionality benefits engineering, sales and marketing, customer service and executive management. If there is an outage, the map displays the exact location so customers can be proactively notified and resolution is just one truck away. If the customer calls, a service representative is able to see if the neighborhood has a problem and how long it would take for the closest technician to get there.

Vision360 Analytics is also a powerful tool to understand customers and their buying patterns. It shows service penetration, average billing amount and average revenue by area. It provides valuable intelligence for marketing campaigns and network expansion projects. Analytics is the central piece of any monetization strategy.

Learn how to leverage existing data to solve business-level issues

Reduce Churn

Enhance customer experience by being proactive and handling issues before they become big problems. Track exit codes to understand why customers are leaving and how you can bring them back. 



Use accurate analysis to make smarter decisions and create value for your company and your custumers. 


Network Expansion

Using our geo-spatial dashboard, predict network demand and calculate the best Return on Investment for each expansion project. 



Optimize Operations

Integrate disparate systems into a powerful single view to view device, subscriber and service data to operate at your most efficient.


Increase Revenue

Use map-driven data to determine and improve customer ARPU, upsell opportunities, disconnect win-back strategies and more.


Solve Business-Level Issues

From daily operations to C-level business functions, our end-to-end solution captures and displays data you need to make better decisions.


Create Optimal Experience for Your Customers

When engineering, network management, sales and customer service work hand-in-hand, the result is a solid and satisfied subscriber base.

Analytics Made Easy with ETI

Vision360 Analytics allows you to map ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and correlate with demographics, as well assessing consumption information and potential opportunities. Plot usage (including PPV and VOD purchases), high...


With smart data, you can understand your existing and prospective customer base to create targeted marketing campaigns based on demographic and service consumption patterns. Analytics also allows you to create defined charts and...


Vision360 Analytics makes it easy for work orders to be mapped, prioritized and optimized. With a few clicks, you can see tech profiles, on-truck inventories, crew assignments, current location and availability.


Not only you can map and track network elements (such as feeder cables, distribution cables, hub cabinets and splitter cards), but you can also forecast planned maintenance, updates and service interruptions.


A Providers Gold Mine: Data Analytics

Smarter marketing through data integration and segmentation leads to revenue growth at ATMC

One of the largest telephone co-ops in the nation, Atlantic Telephone Membership Cooperative (ATMC) competes against even larger cable companies for market share in the populous Shallotte, North Carolina area.


Smart Technology / Smarter PeopleTM