Smart Traffic Cones: How the ‘Internet of Things’ Save Lives

March 4, 2016

Lichfield, United Kingdom, March 4, 2016 –  ETI Software Solutions is proud to announce its involvement in a unique partnership to reduce roadwork fatalities in the United Kingdom.  ETI’s Beamfly solution was tapped to manage data collected by motion sensor devices that are placed on traffic cones. This data allows contractors to monitor the location and status of the cones on a map as well as trigger alarms when a cone has been struck and workers may be in danger.

Connected traffic cones in the UK protect construction workers using Beamfly software platform  

Funded by the European Union, the collaboration  includes: New Wave Innovation, Highway Resource Solutions, ETI Software’s Beamfly platform, Philips, Eldes, and Colas – a prime contractor for highways maintenance in the UK. The result? Intellicone: a simple and effective way to harness data to save lives.

Intellicone seamlessly operates in conjunction with existing cones, making it easy to deploy. The cones can be used in a variety of settings including road closures, lane closures, tapers, gates, safe working areas, slip road closures, lane change over and contraflow. When a cone is struck, audio and visual alerts are sounded.

“Beamfly helped advance our development significantly as we didn’t have to worry about the remote management or communication with our devices,” said James Jarrett, CEO of New Wave Innovations, the creators of the Intellicone.

How is this possible? Beamfly’s remote device management solution provides a web portal which logs the status of each device as well as its location and displays this on a map in real time. Remote monitoring and automatic reporting features make it simple to obtain accurate time and date stamps for any incidents as well as providing a rich data set to report on deployments. Most importantly, alarms are instantly activated when a cone is struck, improving the ability of workers to move to safety. In addition, near misses can be investigated in further detail to improve future working conditions.

“This is a timely example of how the ‘Internet of Things’ can impact an industry,” said Nick Wilcox, CEO of the UK division of ETI Software. “It is more than making a ‘dumb’ traffic cone ‘smarter’, it’s the ability to use the data collected to affect the greater good.”

For a more detailed case study about Intellicone, visit or contact Nick Wilcox at

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