Join ETI and FBA for Operational Intelligence Webinar This Week

May 15, 2017

The operational success of a CSP relies on choosing a streamlined way to choreograph all processes and people to maximize service assurance. Incorporating real-time and proactive means to recognize those ineffective practices so to save time and money for a service provider are job #1.

Join ETI on Thursday, May 15 at 2 pm for this FBA-sponsored webinar

Subscribers will never quit expecting speedy service delivery, quick resolution and top-notch customer care. Fortunately for service providers, the operational data needed to transform those processes into interactive and actionable insight to improve the customer experience already lives within those business systems. It just needs to be harnessed in a better way.

Today there are more tools and solution set options to help transform disparate data and manual processes into a modern and simple operational system.

Join ETI during this FREE webinar to learn about industry challenges and businesses cases and how Operational Intelligence provides visibility into:

  • Cutting Costs
  • Improving Service Assurance
  • Accurately track churn and growth opportunities
  • Staying Competitive in the market


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