ETI Shares Business Strategies to Future-Proof FTTH Networks in Brazil

May 30, 2017

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL: MAY 30, 2017 – ETI Software Solutions is headed to São Paulo, Brazil, for the Abrint 2017 Congress, starting this Wednesday, 5/31. As a global leader in communications technologies and services, ETI is excited to be part of the largest event in America Latina dedicated to regional Internet Service Providers.

ETI’s Director of Business Development, Patrick Bensadoun, will be conducting two workshops and sharing strategies to future-proof FTTH networks and grow efficiently. “Smaller providers build their networks with different equipment and different technologies. A few upgrades later, they realize that the new technology must coexist with the older ones and that doesn’t always work,” explains Bensadoun. “We can help with these integrations before it turns into a problem.”

ETI’s workshops will also address common pain points, like operating efficiently, improving the customer experience and expanding the network using smart data.

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