ETI Launches Redesigned Website

The New Tagline "Smart People, Smarter Technology" Humanizes Software

August 16, 2017

 ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 16, 2017: ETI Software Solutions, ( is proud to announce the launch of our new redesigned website. Crafted to reflect the human element of technology, the site features ETI’s own employees and focuses on the challenges real people – ETI’s customers – use software to solve.

“Software is not an esoteric collection of code and computer strokes,” said Al Nuñez, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, ETI Software.  “It’s a vehicle for people to accomplish their jobs more successfully. We wanted to highlight the fact that ETI is a customer-focused company that delivers rock solid software to fill a business need.”

Throughout the website, ETI’s own employees are featured in short videos discussing the benefits the software provides. Real-life issues such as the disruption of mergers and acquisitions, the pressure of monetizing new services, and the efforts to stave off customer churn, are addressed by ETI team members who have walked hand-in-hand with service providers who experience it.

“The site also focuses on ETI’s strength as a company,” said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CSO, ETI Software. “Our products are known industry-wide for performance and reliability, but it’s the team behind the products and the customers they work for that has kept ETI Software in business for 25 years.” This philosophy birthed the new ETI tagline, “Smart Technology. Smarter People.”

“Our customers, no matter size or location, face universal challenges of maintaining customer satisfaction, improving operational efficiency and tackling digital transformation,” said Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software. “Our Vision360 solution series can help overcome these very real issues and help our customers– from management to the NOC personnel to the CSR team and the field technicians – serve their own customers better.”

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