ETI Announces 5G Readiness Plan

Supporting Fixed Broadband and Customer Premise Service Management

ATLANTA, GA  – As mobile service providers begin to design and build out 5G networks, they will face new issues of delivering broadband services to the subscriber home and workplace. With a 25-year history of supporting innovative subscriber management solutions for every major telecommunications technology, ETI Software will be ready to support 5G activation and customer premise management.

“The hurdles facing communication service providers (CSPs) stem from how to monitor and manage new services and devices delivered to the home,” said Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software. “Studies show that 70 percent of customer calls today relate to network and device issues in the home; ETI can help operators offer smarter in-home support of all connected devices to speed decision-making and response times, which reduces costly escalations to truck rolls.”

ETI already supports fixed wireless architecture models over modern delivery methods for providers to deliver service to customer premise equipment (CPE). This solution joins an unmatched library of over 130 pre-built interfaces the that support high-speed broadband, video and voice delivery over technologies that range from legacy networks to HFC, FTTX, satellite and now 5G.

“ETI gives operators a fast-track deployment path to capture and keep subscribers, no matter what the technology or delivery method,” said Gine. “It’s a key differentiator and reason for more than 25 years of success.”

As carriers plan for the disruptive and transformative road that lies ahead, ETI can help in the following critical areas:

“ETI has always successfully supported each and every telecommunication technology that our customers have created and used; 5G, software-defined networks and fixed wireless models are no exception,” concluded Pete Pifer, ETI Software’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chairman. “It goes back to our founding philosophy of evolving with the industry to best serve our customers.”

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