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February 25, 2019

Automated DSL Circuit Module Deployed

ATLANTA, GA  –  ETI Software Solutions is proud to announce the latest addition to the capabilities of ETI, ETI’s industry-leading telecom business and operational support system. This new software module fully automates the complex process of designing, assigning and managing end-to-end DSL circuits; drastically reducing turn-up time, accelerating revenue and eliminating manual interaction.

“We are proud to offer another important and valuable feature in ETI that directly impacts our customer’s profitability,” said ETI Software CEO, Frank Gine. “With our customer’s help, our engineers have developed load-balancing software that ensures each time a new circuit is ordered, it is being designed on the best, least utilized route available, and it’s immediately activated with no human interaction,” Gine continued. “This module provides a compelling ROI for our customers as it maximizes CapEx investments on DSL broadband networks, enabling them to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks.”

ETI’s integrated order and network inventory management supports complex infrastructures within multi-vendor DSL broadband environments. “This takes our existing DSL provisioning capabilities to the next level,” said Chris Beisner, Vice President, Product Development at ETI. “Now, ETI is also able to analyze the current utilization of each connection and dynamically select an optimal path for the circuit,” Beisner continued. “It then automatically designs the full end-to-end circuit, assigns the resources and fully provisions each network element in its path.  Again, all this happens in a matter of a few seconds with no human interaction.”

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