USDA – Rural Utilities Service

USDA – Rural Utilities Service

Rural eConnectivity Pilot Program (ReConnect)


The ReConnect grants, grant and loan combinations, and low-interest loans can be used to construct, improve, and acquire facilities that provide internet services to customers’ premises, with reliable technologies that are suitable for the type of rural community and the type of high-speed internet use.

This program provides an avenue broadband infrastructure to connect rural families, businesses, farms, ranches, schools, libraries, and public safety facilities to modern, high-speed internet.


This program will generate private sector investment to deploy broadband infrastructure to provide high-speed internet e-Connectivity to as many rural premises as possible, including homes, community facilities for healthcare and public safety, schools, libraries, farms, ranches, factories, and other production sites.


State and Local Governments

Tribal Entities

Commercial/Internet Service Providers

Non-Profit Organizations

Small Businesses

Rural Recipients

Electric Utilities/Co-ops

Financial Institutions

Amount Available

FY2020 Initial Funding Amount $555 million. An additional $100 million in grant funding provided through the CARES Act.

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