On Screen Visual Voicemail

The application allows the subscriber to view, play and delete voicemails on-screen. Using 3rd party Speech to Text (STT) transcription services, the text of a voicemail can be displayed on-screen when the message is played. Text previews (the first 50 characters) of the message is shown as the user scrolls through the list of voicemail messages. Subscribers also have the option of calling back subscribers with ETI’s “Click to Dial” service.

The ETI Advantage

By delivering a full telephony experience to the television screen, ETI’s IPTV apps help sustain user loyalty and create competitive differences among service providers.


  • The application is a windowed application (covering only part of the screen) with a transparent background.
  • The application will retrieve list of voicemails and display them on-screen and indicate which are new and which have already been read.
  • Subscribers can scroll through the list of messages using the arrow keys. The highlighted message can be deleted or played using the colored hotkeys on the remote.
  • Selecting the message will pop up another banner, which will display the STT transcription if available. The message will start playing once selected, and buttons for “Delete” and “Call Back” are available.
  • During message playback, the audio of the program is automatically muted.
  • During message playback, the STT text is displayed on-screen.
  • The subscriber may exit playback at any time.