On-Screen Set Top Box Registration

ETI supports installation of the first STB, installation of additional STBs, and replacement of an existing STB. On-screen STB registration can be used with any ETI deployment that includes Mediaroom. The application uses the information gathered by the Mediaroom External Login ServiceĀ  (ELS) and the current state of the subscriber account in the Vision360 database to tailor the application flow to just the steps that are needed for this specific installation.

The ETI Advantage

Vision360 simplifies the assignment of STBs by providing field personnel with an on-screen application to assign equipment to subscriber accounts and provision services in real-time using the remote control for input. Field Technicians are no longer dependent on office staff to execute provisioning requests and set top box assignment on their behalf.


  • STB Verification
  • Confirm Subscriber
  • Gateway tracking option