Multi-View Mosaics

Operators have the option to build multiple Fixed Mosaics for subscribers to view any time, or provide subscribers with the ability to create Custom Mosaics comprised of the user’s favorite TV channels.

The ETI Advantage

ETI’s Multi-View Mosaics application is an outstanding way for service providers using Mediaroom IPTV to provide subscribers advanced functionality to remain competitive and current.


  • Display 4 to 6 channels at the same time
  • Choose from 3 layout styles
  • Each layout style supports multiple sub-styles
  • Operators can create and deploy Fixed Mosaics
  • Operators can offer Custom Mosaics
  • Customers can create and name up to 5 custom Multi-View Mosaics
  • Custom Mosaics can be created, updated and deleted by the subscriber
  • All management is done on-screen using the remote control
  • Record any channel visible in a Mosaic view
  • On-screen help available from any view
  • Multi-View Mosaics access can be configured to require a subscription just like any other channel