Vision IPTV Apps: Enhancing the Subscriber Experience

As an active member of the Mediaroom™Application Developers Program, ETI offers an enhanced features package that is integrated with its core product, Vision360, and Mediaroom.

Remote DVR and Mobile RDVR

ETI’s Remote DVR is a web-based application that allows IPTV subscribers to remotely schedule DVR recordings from any PC or web-enabled device. ETI’s Remote DVR (RDVR) creates a better user experience through multiple online features and simple navigation. See More Info

On-Screen Caller ID

The On-screen Caller ID Module facilitates on-screen display of caller ID information by receiving caller ID messages from the telephony network, and by interfacing with the video system to push caller ID messages to the set top box (STB) for on-screen display. See More Info

Visual Voicemail

Use your remote control and TV speakers to listen to and manage telephone messages! This app is integrated with Mediaroom and with Metaswitch. See More Info

Pre-Paid Services

This module enables service providers to deliver customized, prepaid video (IPTV, cable, satellite or RF Digital) service, prepaid Pay-Per-View (PPV) services, and prepaid Video on Demand (VOD) services via Mediaroom. See More Info

On-Screen Set Top Box Registration

On-Screen Set Top Box (STB) registration leverages Mediaroom enhanced functionality to streamline STB installation for service providers using Mediaroom IPTV. See More Info

Multi-View Mosiacs

Multi-View Mosaics application allows operators to enhance the TV viewing experience by displaying multiple TV Channels on a single screen. See More Info

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