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ATLANTA, GA – MAY 10, 2017: ETI Software Solutions, ( is proud to introduce enhancements in Vision360 to optimize core functionality across a network of virtual machines, vastly improving both scalability and resiliency. Deployed recently with a major U.S. carrier, the distributed architecture model is supporting millions of transactions each day.

“This improvement to Vision360 increases platform performance and availability by eliminating a single point of failure, should it occur,” said Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software.  “We’ve taken our solution to the next level increasing product reliability and flexibility for our customers to scale and support their evolving technology changes and broadening customer base.  Broadband, Video, Utility, OTT and IoT operators can now scale-up support for millions of transactions per day without fear of performance degradation.”

“In the standard Vision360 architecture, database functions, host interfaces and controller interfaces run on a single server,” explains Kirk Hoyer, CTO ETI Software.  “By distributing host interfaces and controller interfaces to different sets of virtual machines (VMs), we can ensure that literally tens of millions of device transactions are happening faster and more securely.”  “This also improves resiliency as in the instance of a failed VM, responsibilities can be quickly migrated to other VM resources as needed and without service interruption” Hoyer continued.

This distributed configuration is now optional for all ETI Vision360 customers who operate more transaction intensive, mission critical environments.

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