Vision FMS: Fiber Management in a Real-Time Browser Viewer

Vision FMS incorporates comprehensive outside plant inventory and work order management subsystems. This functionality is required by network operations and management personnel to record and manage the physical network build-out from the NOC to ONT. At its core, Vision FMS provides a comprehensive set of tools for designing, constructing, and maintaining a passive optical network. In support of these functions, it also includes service address management, work orders, device inventory and prospect tracking. Because of this, Vision FMS makes it easy and convenient to transition to a fully integrated architecture where Billing, Provisioning and Network Engineering all work together using a common dataset.

The ETI Advantage

The power of Vision FMS is its single platform architecture — eliminating disparate databases and synchronization issues; a problem that commonly plagues mapping software that is implemented prior to (and independent of) critical business and operational support systems. The integrated Vision FMS solution stores detailed network components and service location information data into a single, real-time repository.


  • Service address management with real time integration to Vision360 database
  • Comprehensive work order and ticketing system to easily manage OSP maintenance
  • Device inventory system to manage all assets
  • Fiber management toolbox to create, edit and manage fiber records and infrastructure
  • Trace and track functionality of strands, physical and network infrastructure, and equipment connections