Vision Diagnostic Tools: Safeguarding the Network

Diagnostics extends the retrieval capability by providing audits for a variety of different platforms. Audits are used to compare the ‘as provisioned’ state of a CPE device or network element (e.g., OLT, DSLAM, voice switch, etc.) with the target state as determined by the assigned billing services.

The ETI Advantage

Vision Diagnostics is a powerful application in the Service Provider’s toolkit. It gives proxy access to various element management system (EMS) information without the risks associated with giving employees direct EMS access. Easy to use, the tool is simple to train and can be tailored to the needs of non-technical employees.


  • On Demand Fetch of CPE Device / Network Element Configuration and Performance Metrics
  • CPE Device / Network Element Audit Tools
  • CPE Device / Network Element Monitor Mode
  • Fiber-to-the-Home ONT Alarms Capture and Storage