Vision Dashboard: Know Your Data

Designed to accommodate the needs of the user, the dashboard view can be customized in terms of the widgets displayed and the format of the data. Individual metrics can also be configured to generate an alert if the metrics fall below or exceed a defined threshold.

The ETI Advantage

Through its integration with the other Vision360 modules, Dashboard provides a vital view into the well-being of the operations, the mission-critical Vision360 applications and the supporting Vision360 server(s). This guarantees that users have peace of mind, assured that they will be alerted in advance of any issue with potential to impact their customers.


  • Easy-to-digest operations process, application and server dashboard widgets
  • Configurable GUI controls widget display and data format on a per-user basis
  • Includes server metrics, controller interfaces and PPV/VOD monitoring
  • Tightly integrated with Vision360 modules

Roadmap Items

  • Alarming and notification
  • Controller interface details
  • Historical trend data
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