Visual Analytics to Monitor, Manage and Monetize Your Network

Transparency. Imagine seeing into every corner of your operation and making intelligent decisions that affect your bottom line. That vision is a reality with Vision Analytics, an integrated platform that includes subscriber records, service activation, connected devices all visible on a real-time geo-spatial dashboard. Advanced marketing analysis and reporting capabilities on business-impacting topics such as take rates, ARPU and churn rates can be easily configured and operated by non-technical staff.


The ETI Advantage

Vision Analytics is designed for C-level, NOC, OSP, Marketing and IT directors and managers who need to solve business challenges such as:

  • Management of service orders, work orders, alarms to provide better customer service
  • Location analysis to determine service penetration, target marketing, competitor and lost subscriber metrics
  • Daily management of physical assets and inventory and prediction of network demand
  • Reduce truck rolls by remotely controlling and trouble-shooting multiple connected devices within the home

From greenfield deployments to mature networks, the benefits of a subscriber, services and device management analytic platform are multi-faceted:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Maximized Operational Efficiency
  • Leveraged Data to Solve Business Problems
  • IoT-Enabled to Handle Connected Devices
  • Fully-Integrated, Automated, Scalable and Future-proofed
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