Vision ACS with OSS Integration: Robust and CSR Friendly

Why keep device data and subscriber data separate? With a Vision ACS/OSS integration, service providers can streamline a vast array of customer-facing functions, from installation to maintenance to customer support issues. By combining this data in a user-friendly interface, CSRs can easily shorten call times, reduce truck rolls and expedite services – leading to a better customer experience.

The ETI Advantage

Vision ACS/OSS makes the most out of ACS TR-069 technology by integrating it with the OSS, empowering CSRs to access devices by subscriber and service locations. This simplifies and shortens customer service calls as well as reduces truck rolls, expedites services and reduces overall OpEx.


  • Tight Integration to Vision OSS
  • Flow-through provisioning from Vision OSS
  • Subscriber and service location details provided
  • Allows TR-069 devices to be searched by subscriber
  • TR-069 devices supporting telephony are also integrated
  • Support Integration with all Vision360 modules
  • Zero-touch provisioning and management of devices and value-added services, e.g. VoIP and IPTV
  • Offers web portals for CSRs, administration and subscriber self-care
  • Provides real-time diagnostics and trouble-shooting dashboard to rapidly identify and resolve connection problems
  • Integrates seamlessly to BSS and Web Portals in place today
  • Reporting tools that monitor system health
  • Logic-box PHP-based scripting engine


  • Link device to subscriber data via your OSS
  • Speed to market advantage by offering a deployed, pre-integrated solution
  • Vendor Agnostic – Supports ANY CPE manufacturer
  • Highly Scalable


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