Open Access Shared Network Solutions

The ETI Advantage

In today’s marketplace, financial and speed-to-market advantages are key to staying competitive. By sharing network solutions, service providers can quickly and easily deploy services at an affordable cost.


  • Data separation and privacy for each separate business entity
  • Provides centralized subscriber management for all sites to use
  • Instantaneously provisions all IPTV, RF Video, VOD, or Conditional Access Systems
  • Easy to implement- Supported today at multiple sites, and pre-integrated to most billing systems.
  • Host BSS/OSS API, simplifying integration of middleware to BSS/OSS systems
  • Comprehensive inventory management of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment i.e. set-tops, ONTs
  • Total control and tracking of all set-tops and ONTs
  • Bulk import of CPE and device assignment
  • Centralized reporting of subscriber activities
  • Automated data mining from each business unit