ETI’s VideoDirect and CrossPRO digital ad insertion systems, in conjunction with ETI’s Vision360, offer Interactive Advertising for service providers to request and receive necessary information from an interactive ad spot. As a result, advertisers receive contact information from interested viewers and can also measure success of the campaign.

How does it work? The Request For Information (RFI) application runs during a promotional advertisement spot. The RFI module displays an interactive message on the TV screen requesting an action from the subscriber.  By simply clicking on the remote control, the viewer triggers an automatic notification through the network to the service provider alerting them of the subscriber’s request and the ad spot to which the subscriber is responding.  This process handles two important actions:

  • Gives the viewer the opportunity to be proactive within the span of the ad spot to create a legitimate sales lead.
  • Tracks the ad response instances and automates communication to the necessary parties for follow up communication.

Interactive Advertising via Microsoft Mediaroom

ETI’s membership in the Microsoft Mediaroom Application Developer Program (ADP) provided the tools necessary to build this interactive experience for the viewer.  The Microsoft Mediaroom Application Developer Program (ADP) allows partner developers the ability to create interactive applications for use by the viewing audience and the service provider.