Vision Network Centric View: Ensuring Service Delivery

Subscriber, location and provisioning details, at the ONT device or DSLAM port level, are available for technicians who manage fiber and copper networks. In addition, NCV also allows users to interact directly with various network elements for the purposes of ensuring proper service delivery, troubleshooting or outage management.

The ETI Advantage

Data is only valuable if it can be captured, presented and harnessed effectively. Vision NCV is organized specifically to meet the needs of the network operations personnel. Flexible and fast access to data that is essential to network operations, planning and efficiency – all without the risks and security concerns associated with providing direct EMS access. Because it is tightly integrated with other Vision360 modules, NCV users have the added benefit of being able to leverage other features and functions directly from the NCV desktop.


  • Hierarchical, EMS-style view of network elements and related customer and service information
  • Multi-vendor support for FTTH and DSL
  • User-defined logical, parent-child groupings of network element data
  • Outage Management Device / Port Operations
  • Fully Integrated with Vision360 Product Modules
ncv network1