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ATLANTA, GA – MARCH 25, 2013: Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc. (dba ETI Software Solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Overture GIS, a next generation solution that improves service and revenue assurance by leveraging real-time business intelligence that results in faster issue resolution, reduced operating expenses, and a optimized customer experience.

“Proactive service is the key to keeping customers happy and to running a network efficiently and profitably,” said Will Aycock, General Manager, Greenlight Community Broadband/City of Wilson. “Overture GIS has guided our FTTH network expansion, increased efficiency across all business units, and improved customer service satisfaction – helping us consistently maintain a churn rate of less than 2 percent. It’s been a game-changer for us.”

ETI Launches ‘Game Changing’ New Product at Greenlight/City of Wilson, NC on March 26 at 2 pm EDT

Overture GIS integrates ETI’s core product, Triad, with Vantage Points, an industry-leading GIS software provided by Geographic Technologies Group (GTG). Overture GIS is built on the award-winning Esri ArcGIS Server. As an Esri Gold Business Partner, GTG offers Esri-based products and integrated GIS software solutions. The result is a powerful solution that can geographically display real-time subscriber data, plant management records, network element information, and workforce management in an easy-to-use format that is completely customizable.

“The beauty of Overture GIS is that it can be as detailed or as comprehensive as you need,” said Frank Gine, President of ETI Software. “For example, the NOC can assess storm outages geographically and route truck rolls to be more efficient. Network planners can track fixed assets like ONTS and reclaim unused inventory to save money,” Gine continued. “At the same time, management can plot the entire network on a map and sort by ARPU to target expansion and marketing campaigns. It’s multi-functional spatial analysis of subscriber and network data.”

“Whether providers are engineering and constructing a greenfield fiber build or are fully operational, Overture GIS will provide our customers the tools to engineer, maintain, support and intelligently deliver services over their broadband network,” said Gine. “The power, simplicity and functionality of this solution truly makes it a must-have for broadband service providers.”