Vision OSS: Total Automation of Service Delivery

All technology service providers face the critical issue of service delivery (aka ‘provisioning’): turning on (or off) the services a customer has requested and agreed to pay for. Improper management of this can lead to a variety of problems (e.g., mismatches between billing and delivery, dissatisfied customers, etc.) all of which translate into more expense and / or lost revenue for the Service Provider. A successful implementation of a reliable and versatile provisioning system can eliminate these problems or even prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The ETI Advantage

With over 50 pre-integrated interfaces available (and counting!), Vision OSS provides turnkey, automated, flow‚Äźthrough service activation for a variety of technologies including FTTH, DSL, HFC, voice switches, RF and IP video, DOCSIS and voice mail systems. Coupled with its easy-to-integrate-to business-level API, Vision OSS enables rapid integration with upper level billing and order entry / CRM systems. This ensures that subscribers are only receiving the services for which they are being billed.


In addition to its best-of-breed service activation capabilities, Vision OSS comes standard with a number of supporting features and sub-systems and is fully integrated with the other Vision360 modules.

  • Full Flow-Through Service Activation for Multiple Technologies and Vendor Platforms
  • Device Inventory / Asset Management
  • PPV / VOD Management
  • Business-Level Management API for 3rd Party Billing Integrations
  • Fully Featured User Interface
  • Fully integrated with Vision360 Product Modules
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