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Industry’s oldest and 16th largest Cable MSO implements TriadTM for wide range of provisioning including High Speed Data, Telephony, Caller ID and VOD

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 15, 2011 – Enhanced Telecommunications’ (d/b/a) ETI Software Solutions, Inc., (ETI) ( is proud to announce that Service Electric Cablevision (SECV) has deployed ETI’s flagship product, TriadTM integrating SECV’s billing and customer care solution (CSG) to multiple service delivery technologies, including: Cisco CNR, MediaFriends (formerly Integra5) and a third-party telephone services provisioning database. The debut of Triad at SECV has earned ETI rave reviews.

“The versatility that Triad provides gives SECV a simple and effective solution that provisions a host of network element integrations with the least amount of impact to our existing billing infrastructure,” said Mark Walter, Vice President of SECV. “Triad was the right choice because it is pre-integrated to multiple vendors and technologies which gives our CSRs the power to process orders without dual entry. One touch processing and provisioning improves operating efficiency and leads to more satisfied customers.”

SECV serves nearly 100,000 subscribers in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania and has a long history of telecommunication innovation. Its founder, John Walson, is credited as the founder of cable television. “Our selection of Triad dovetails with our pioneering spirit,” explains Walter. “Triad’s one-to-many application helps future-proof SECV, giving us versatility and reliability as we deploy cutting-edge technology. And as ETI’s premiere Cable MSO customer, we give them a standing ovation.”

Triad’s business-level API integrates with SECV’s back office systems and includes DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 CMTS and cable modem provisioning, caller ID application support, telephony database functions, high speed data provisioning and VOD purchase queries. Triad’s support for the world’s largest inventory of new technology interfaces for video, voice, data and access networks allows for rapid adoption of new network technologies while eliminating swivel-chair, dual-entry operations.

“ETI is proud to be partnered with SECV, and we applaud them for their longevity and success in a rapidly changing industry,” said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO, ETI Software Solutions. “As we take root into this market, our goal is to earn the same level of trust and confidence that our telco partners have placed in us over the last 20 years.”

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