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Triad™ first to support on-screen applications that bring telephone functionality to the TV screen, supporting enhanced caller ID, caller ID history log, visual voicemail and more

Metaswitch Forum 2011, Las Vegas, October 3, 2011 – Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc. (dba ETI Software Solutions) today announced that it has achieved another development milestone, extending the functionality of its B/OSS platform TriadTM to integrate innovative on-screen telephony applications.

Leveraging a robust integration and strong partnership with Metaswitch products, ETI augmented Triad’s provisioning capabilities of Metaswitch to support on-screen applications providing enhanced Caller ID, Caller ID History Log, On-Screen Visual Voicemail, Call Disposition functionality, and the “Click to Call Back,” function. Subscribers are now able to interact with these applications directly on their TV screen by using the remote control.

“Triad is already integrated with Metaswitch softswitches to provide touch-free, flow-through provisioning and line management,” said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO of ETI Software Solutions. “This gave Triad a solid foundation to expand support to these new features offered by Metaswitch,” he said.

Notable features include an enhanced caller ID screen pop that not only delivers incoming call notifications to the TV screen in real time, but also allows the user to intercept the call by using the TV remote control. The user can redirect the call to voicemail or a mobile device, or suspend caller ID interruptions during a program.

Another powerful user application is Visual Voicemail, which allows viewers to access voicemail on-screen via the remote control. Triad delivers the details of the voicemail, the audio file, and a speech to text transcription (if available) so that subscribers can select the message to play through the TV speakers.

“We’ve had a successful relationship with ETI for years, and the tight integration between our products has greatly benefited our joint customers,” said Ken Cavanaugh, director of business development for Metaswitch. “We are excited that ETI will be offering the enhanced on-screen applications that service providers need in order to stay competitive in this market.”

The first deployments of the on-screen telephony applications will be with ETI video partner Microsoft® Mediaroom™ with support for additional IPTV platforms coming later this year. For more information about Triad and ETI, please visit Metaswitch Forum Booth #515, call 800.332.1078 or visit

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