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ETI’s Vision OSS application is a leading telecom OSS product designed to provide automated, flow-through service activation of end user services. ETI has worked with a number of different technology vendors to develop integrations to various network elements, element management systems, and voice switches. Integrations include products running on fiber, copper, and HFC networks.

Vision OSS supports all major technology providers of FTTH, DSL, video, VoIP telephony, and TR-069. While each vendor’s integration is different in terms of implementation specifics, the scope of each one is the same: to provide flow-through service activation for voice, video, and data to end-users.

Vision OSS is designed to be a ‘black box’ application requiring little in the way of direct user input. Vision OSS receives information from the service provider’s CRM / billing application as new orders are input by CSRs. As new order information is relayed to Vision OSS by the upper-level systems (CRM, billing, etc.), Vision OSS automatically updates the configuration of the end-user’s device, data circuit, and/or phone line to match the services assigned to the customer. Making this all possible is the underlying configuration of each interface within the system that maps billable services to the authorizations required by each technology vendor.

Additional Features of Vision OSS Include:

    • Subscriber Management
    • Network Element Inventory
    • CPE Inventory
    • Reports and ODBC Access
    • Usage Collection