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ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 – Enhanced Telecommunications’ (d/b/a) ETI Software Solutions, Inc., (ETI) ( is proud to commemorate its 20th year in business by expanding into two divisions that will operate under the umbrella of ETI Inc. Corporate leadership stays the same: Pete Pifer will continue to serve as Chairman and CEO and Robert Murrie will continue as Chief Operating Officer.

Innovation, growth and staying power are hallmarks of 20 years of delivering to customers

ETI Software Solutions will remain the core software and services business unit of ETI, Inc. Frank Gine, former Executive Vice President, has been promoted to President. Gine has been integral in ETI’s growth over the past 10 years and will continue to drive revenue growth, market share and product development. “As a company, ETI has transformed from a ‘black box’ software developer that works behind the scenes to provision video to a subscriber-facing applications builder. Our customer’s subscribers are touching more and more of ETI’s products and that will be a big part of our future,” Gine said.

“On the access network side, ETI is leveraging our vast knowledge of how to provision, control and query multiple technology interfaces,” said Gine. “Our future is building applications and tools that providers need to manage very complex networks – both copper and fiber – across multiple vendor technologies.”

ETI Global System Solutions will provide comprehensive, off-the-shelf solutions combined with system integration services to fulfill the end-to-end needs of broadband, video and data service providers worldwide. George Tracy was named Vice President of this division and will be responsible for management of multi-technology solution development and international business. Tracy’s 15 years of international service and product delivery experience at Siebel and Oracle, combined with his work as a Director of the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service make him uniquely qualified to take on this initiative.

“Service providers worldwide have operational challenges that ETI can solve quickly and affordably. ETI’s Customer Experience Blueprint, which is our best practice client engagement and implementation methodology, addresses all of the critical domains of both the strategic and tactical aspects of business transformation and supporting technology implementation,” Tracy said. “This methodology combined with our commercial, off-the-shelf products enables ETI to offer end-to-end solutions at a fraction of the time and cost typical in the industry. I am looking forward to building this division and adding to the 20-year record of success here at ETI.”

“Our ability to thrive for 20 years where many software companies have not has everything to do with the value we place on our customers,” said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO of ETI Software Solutions. “Our customers literally keep our doors open, and our first priority is to solve their problems and help them be successful,” he said. “The next 20 years will bring new opportunities and growth for ETI, but our mission of serving our customers will never change.”

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