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The third ALU interface built by ETI, the 5529 APC has already been successfully deployed at Morristown Utilities and keeps ETI at the forefront of fiber-to-the-home integration technology.

ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 30, 2011 – Enhanced Telecommunications (d/b/a) ETI Software Solutions, Inc., (ETI) (, is proud to announce the certification of B/OSS solution Triad’s integration to Alcatel-Lucent’s (ALU) 5529 Advanced Provisioning Center (APC) service management application.

This is the third interface that ETI has built for ALU’s fiber-to-the-home products. Triad interfaces for BPON and GPON on ALU’s 5526 and 5520 Alcatel Management Systems (“AMS”) have been deployed with nearly a dozen FTTH service providers across North America, including three Tier 2 telcos.

ALU awarded the designation of “Demonstration of Interoperability” to ETI’s interface because it is proven to be fully functional in terms of automating the fulfillment and management of end-user services and meets ALU’s requirements for managing APC templates, template version control, and error handling.

“This is an important milestone for ETI, “said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO of ETI Software. “In order to retain our ranking as the number one provider of fiber-to-the-home interfaces in the world, we knew that we had to embrace the APC,” he said. “It’s clearly the way forward for Alcatel in both the U.S. and international market.”

ETI’s first installation of the APC interface was successfully launched at Morristown Utilities in Morristown, TN last month. “We’ve used [ETI’s] Triad to manage our [Alcatel] BPON network since it was installed back in 2006,” said George Benjamin, Operations Manger for Morristown Utilities (MUS). “When we made the decision to roll out GPON, we knew all along that we’d use Triad to manage it, too. ETI did a great job – it’s exactly what we needed,” he added.

With the delivery and installation of the APC interface, MUS is able to achieve the benefits of full, flow-through service activation from order-entry to the GPON ONT thereby avoiding the need to introduce any swivel chair, dual entry processes.

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