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On Screen Caller ID Module Delivers Significant Benefits and Cost Savings To
Communications Services Providers

ATLANTA, GA – May 22, 2009 – Enhanced Telecommunications’ (d/b/a) ETI
Software Solutions, Inc., (ETI) ( today announced its On-screen
Caller ID Module for its flagship product, Triad. The Triad Service Delivery Platform (SDP)
On-screen Caller ID Module facilitates onscreen display of caller ID information by receiving
caller ID messages from the telephony network. It then interfaces with any video system
in delivering caller ID messages to the set top box (STB) for on-screen display.

The Triad SDP Caller ID Module receives caller ID messages from the telephony network,
including the calling party’s name, the calling party’s number, and the called party’s number.
Using the called number, Triad accesses the called subscriber’s account to look up the STB’s
assigned to the subscriber. Triad then sends the caller ID message to each STB.

ETI’s Triad SDP recognizes today’s connected home is composed of more than just a
computer or TV screen in the living room. Devices like laptops, gaming consoles,
iPhones, network storage devices, set-top boxes, and Internet cameras are finding their
way into connected homes across the globe. Service providers are presented with a
choice: simply provide the broadband connection and face obsolescence or monetize the
broadband connection and achieve greater sustainability and profitability. ETI’s Triad
facilitates and supports the latter.

This new module is another step in ETI’s evolution in delivering fully-integrated service
management solutions for next-gen communications services providers. ETI’s On-screen
caller ID Module is able to interface seamlessly with any video, billing system or
operations support system, delivering immediate benefits to its clients across North

“Our on-screen caller ID module delivers tremendous benefits to communications
services providers,” said Pete Pifer, Chief Executive Officer, ETI Software. “By reducing
the number of vendors in the core network, forward thinking operators are easily able to
capitalize on the benefits of our expertise and vision of holistically functional service
delivery platforms. With more than 100 clients across the country, we’re looking
forward to deploying this module as well as the multitude of benefits it delivers to our

On screen caller ID also delivers numerous safety and convenience benefits to end-users:
it lets video subscribers identify callers before getting up to answer the phone, ending
unwanted interruptions, as well as it being an excellent aid for the hearing impaired. It
also allows end-users to better screen their calls, giving extra visibility for those very
important ones.

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